DRC series ANSI Chemical Process Pumps

Performance Curve

Flow Modifier Designs
FML (shown above)-Designed with a large gland bolt and gasket circle, the FML is preferred for most applications:
Single internal cartridge seals
Dual internalexternal cartridge seals
Single internal component seals with flexibly mounted seats
Dual internal"true" tandem design cartridge seals

Cylindrical Bore Designs
CBL (shown above)-With an oversized cylindrical step bore, the CBl is ideal for seals with large gland bolt and gasket circles. It may be used with:
Dual internal component seals that isolate the seal chamber from the process with external barrier fluid
Single seal with throttle bushing and flush to boost pressure over flash point

FMS- Similar to the FMl the fms accommodates seals with small gland bolt and gasket circles. It is ideal for all mounting configurations of single seals

CBS- The CBS is designed for packing arrangements and conventional seals with small gland bolt and gasket circles.

FMI-The FMI incorporates a cast-in integral gland. It utilizes the shaft sleeve for seal setting and fast instal-lation. It may be used with Single internal, flexibly mounted seals Sanitary-type applications

SealSentry Nomenclature

FML Flow modifier,large gland bolt circle
FMS Flow modifier,small gland bolt circle
FM Flow modifier,integral gland bolt circle
CBL Cylindrical bore,large gland bolt circle
CBS Cylindrical bore,small gland bolt circle

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