BNS series Single Stage, End Suction Norm Centrifugal pumps

Application Std:ISO 2858
We have been OEM for many brands from Europe and our pumps has been used by famous brands from Middle east to apply for UL/FM Certificate.
We can make pumps with the bearing housing as your own design.


Well-proven design

An innovative product policy and continuous advancement of essential design features make this pump a powerful, yet economical standard unit with a broad range of applications.

1、Spiral casing
• Standard connection sizes (ISO)
• Flange bore holes (PN 10, PN 16)
• Bore hole for pressure gauge in the suction and delivery flanges

• Closed design
• High efficiency

• Conical impeller seat provides ease of installation

5、Wear rings
• Replaceable wear rings
• Axial thrust compensation

3、Bearing assembly
• Only three bearing support sizes for the entire series
• Oil or grease lubrication

6、Shaft seals
• Single mechanical seal
• Double mechanical seal
• Cartridge seal

Performance Curve

Performance Range 1450rpm

Performance Range 2900rpm