BMN series Horizontal Mixed Flow pumps


We have been OEM for many brands from Europe and USA
BMN series is used widely for the irrigation


1 Hand hole cover 2%Ni HT250
2 Suction head 2%Ni HT250
3 Suction head wear ring ZG1Cr13
4 Impeller wear ring ZG1Cr13
5 Impeller nut 1Cr18Ni9Ti
6 Impuller ZCuZN16Si4
7 Hand hole covr 2%Ni HT250
8 seal cage ring ZCuZN16Si4
9 packing Asbestos
10 Pumo casing 2%Ni HT250
11 Shaft sleeve 1Cr18Ni9Ti
12 Packing cover ZCuZN16Si4
13 Stuffing box head 2%Ni HT250
14 Shaft UNS S-31803
15 Bearing box HT250
16 Bearing SKF
17 Bearing cover HT250
18 Nut A2-70
19 Coupling part

Performance Curve

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